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When you're ready to transform your truck or 4x4 into a genuine powerhouse, look no further than the innovative Australian masterminds at Torqit. For over 40 years, this legendary brand has pioneered cutting-edge vehicle performance upgrades and enhancements with an obsessive focus on quality and industry-leading innovation.
At RangerMods, we proudly offer Torqit's comprehensive lineup of premium performance products - each one meticulously engineered to unlock explosive power gains and take your on-road driving dynamics and off-road capability to lofty new heights. Their versatile performance solutions includes: 


Performance Exhausts: Headlining Torqit's offerings are their signature exhaust systems, which represent a mastery of maximizing airflow. Leveraging their capabilities at the Newcastle factory with one of the largest mandrel benders in the Southern Hemisphere, they craft exhaust piping with sweeping curves that reduce turbulence and backpressure. This vastly improves engine breathing for ferocious gains in power and torque delivery.


Throttle Controllers: Whether you're charging down highways or blasting over challenging terrain, precise throttle response is paramount. Torqit's electronic throttle controllers allow you to custom-tune pedal sensitivity to your driving style for lightning-quick acceleration and responsiveness at your command.


Heavy Duty Airboxes: While exhaust upgrades are critical, Torqit takes performance even further through their innovative induction components. Their heavy-duty air boxes increase intake airflow while simultaneously trapping dust and debris from grueling off-road environments before it can wreak havoc.


Performance Headers : To experience a true power infusion, upgrade your restrictive factory exhaust manifolds with Torqit's cutting-edge performance headers. Premium mandrel-bent piping vastly decreases exhaust gas restrictions for even greater engine efficiency and power output. Their proven performance lineup accommodates everything from Ford Rangers to other hardworking 4x4 rigs and diesel trucks.


At RangerMods, we take immense pride in offering Torqit's premium Australian-made performance products - each one obsessively engineered to extract every last ounce of horsepower and torque through innovative design and high-grade materials. Upgrade with Torqit today to unlock the genuine performance potential lying dormant in your rig.

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