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Unstoppable Australian Vehicle Recovery Solutions

At RangerMods, we're proud to offer MAXTRAX - the pioneering Australian brand that's revolutionizing vehicle self-recovery. Born from founder Brad McCarthy's vision after a harrowing outback experience, MAXTRAX gear empowers unstoppable exploration.MAXTRAX obsessively engineers equipment by adventurers, for adventurers. Their innovative products uphold core principles of simplicity, safety and self-reliance to conquer any obstacle. We offer MAXTRAX's full line of world-class recovery solutions.


MAXTRAX Recovery Tracks: The iconic flagship product provides a straightforward solution for solo vehicle extraction. Incorporating the strength of corrugated iron in a lightweight design, these recovery boards allow you to self-recover from even the trickiest spots.


Complete Recovery Kits: Packed with every essential tool for fast, safe recovery. MAXTRAX kits ensure you're prepared for any off-road situation without needing to purchase items piece by piecel.


INDEFLATE Tire Deflators: This ingenious device empowers on-the-fly tire pressure adjustments for enhanced traction. Deflate for loose terrain, then reinflate and keep moving.


Mounting & Storage: From secure locking brackets to premium recovery board carrying bags, MAXTRAX accessories ensure your gear is protected yet accessible.
What started as an Aussie's personal need has become a global phenomenon. Whether tackling extreme Australian overlanding, North American adventures, mining resilience or emergency services - MAXTRAX provides the confidence of unstoppable capability.


Experience the vehicle recovery revolution first-hand. As trusted MAXTRAX suppliers, we at RangerMods are thrilled to offer these game-changing products crafted from real-world experience and a relentless pursuit of quality. Upgrade your truck or 4x4 with MAXTRAX self-recovery gear today.

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