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KMC Wheels


Pioneering Extraordinary Wheel Designs Since 1982

KMC Wheels has pioneered wheel innovation and peak performance since 1982, transforming vehicles with bold designs with uncompromising quality. Born from the simple yet brilliant idea of a well-crafted wheel, KMC grew into a brand synonymous with the rebellious spirit and relentless pursuit of the extraordinary.

KMC offers a diverse range Wheels catered to those who dare to challenge conventions:



  • Adventure Series: Built for the rugged terrains using Desert as their proving grounds.
  • Performance Series: For Drivers who seek a more than just Adventure
  • Offroad Tech Series: With available customisations featuring removable Center caps, detail ring and design-integrated lug cover plate.

As a dedicated Australian outfit, KMC Wheels is tuned into delivering  wheels that resonate with their customers' aspirations. Whether you seek rugged off-road adventures or sleek city drives, KMC ensures excellence around every bend. KMC’s commitment to forward-thinking designs and premium engineering is reflected in all their wheels. Each one of them is a testament of form meeting function, built to exceed expectations of those who choose to stand out from the crowd.


KMC Wheels bring together head-turning style, performance and durability. This is a brand about more than just rims - it's a lifestyle with no limits, where conventions are challenged.
Join the KMC Wheels revolution today to redefine what’s possible on and off-road for your Ranger.

At Ranger Mods, we are excited to offer KMC Wheels, confident in their ability to transform your ride. KMC is more than just wheels – they embody a spirit of innovation and legacy of boundary-pushing quality. Upgrade your Ranger Wheels with KMC today and experience the difference in design and performance that only they deliver. Your all terrain journey awaits!

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