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Brilliant Australian LED Lighting Innovation

When your adventures require cutting-edge illumination to blaze new trails, equip your rig with the superior lighting solutions of Altiq. This Australian-born brand has spent the past decade pioneering LED driving light technology through relentless innovation and an obsessive pursuit of extreme brightness.At RangerMods, we're proud partners with Altiq - pioneers born from the personal passion of an enthusiast seeking to overcome the limitations of traditional halogen lighting. What began as a garage-based weekend project has flourished into a brilliant force fueling off-road visibility across Australia and beyond.

Searing Brightness Forged Down Under: Altiq's expertise shines brightest through their signature LED driving lights, light bars and work lamps purpose-built to overpower darkness in the nation's most unforgiving environments. Utilizing cutting-edge optics and LED arrays, their lights summon blinding illumination with streetfighter-inspired aesthetic appeal.

Plug-and-Play Ease: Raw lumen output is only half the battle. Altiq's clever engineering simplifies brilliant light upgrades through plug-and-play LED headlight conversion kits, auxiliary lamp mounts, and intuitive wiring solutions - allowing seamless customized installations tailored for your make and model.

Tested to Thrive in the Outback: While many upstart lighting brands chase fads, Altiq remains rooted in uncompromising performance testing right here under the scorching Australian sun. Each LED product endures relentless real-world testing across hostile terrains to hone output, thermal management and impact durability.When chasing remote backcountry expeditions or mastering harsh work environments, you need lighting that survives and thrives beyond pavement's end. Altiq's staff of passionate 4WD gearheads and remote area enthusiasts ensure their lights can withstand true overlanding abuse rather than just looking sharp. 


Here at RangerMods, we're honored to offer Altiq's boundary-pushing line of LED lighting upgrades engineered and validated under the brutal Australian elements. Upgrade your Ford Ranger or off-road machine with Altiq's brilliant handcrafted illumination to unlock genuine visibility for unstoppable exploration.

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