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Drive Modes available on the Next-Gen Ford Ranger XLT, Sport, WildTrak and RaptorApr 12, 2024 | BY Vukasin H.

Drive Modes available on the Next-Gen Ford Ranger XLT, Sport, WildTrak and Raptor


Modern times have brought us modern technologies in passenger vehicles, mainly the rise of electronic aids, systems, and components. Regardless of the segment, all current models are delivered with digital clusters, infotainment or advanced protection systems, improving safety and comfort. One of the most exciting aspects of this technological revolution is the appearance of driving modes. Although they are nothing new, modern driving modes change the driving experience and vehicle behaviour and help the driver use all vehicle capabilities. When Ford introduced the 2024 Ranger, the upper grades received eight different driving modes, all carefully designed and capable of thoroughly changing throttle calibration, braking, suspension and even engine sounds. These driving modes are engineered and optimised to help the driver tackle challenging terrain, particular use or driving conditions. Today, we will tell you more about driving modes available on the next-gen Ford Ranger XLT, Sport, Wildtrak and Ranger Raptor. 

2022+ Next Gen Rangor Sport Driving Modes

Ford Ranger Standard Driving Modes


These driving modes are standard equipment on Ranger XLT, Sport, Wildtrak and some on Raptor. 


Normal Mode 


Engineered for routine, day-to-day commutes, Normal Mode epitomises reliability and adaptability. It's calibrated precisely to easily navigate typical driving conditions, providing drivers with a seamless driving experience that effortlessly maneuvers through urban landscapes and highways. Most drivers will use the basic setting and mode 95% of the time.


Eco Mode


Eco Mode is designed to turn the next-gen Ranger into a frugal machine, optimising throttle sensitivity and enabling earlier gear upshifts. Additionally, it introduces a more economical cruise control tune designed to use less fuel while cruising. It's worth noting that this mode is not available in the Ranger Raptor variant, which prioritises other aspects of performance.


Tow/Haul Mode 


When towing hefty loads or navigating challenging terrains burdened by weighty cargo, Tow/Haul Mode steps up to the plate. It's meticulously engineered to orchestrate precise gear shifts, ensuring consistent power delivery while traversing hilly landscapes. It also enhances engine braking capabilities, offering drivers a sense of control and stability even in the most demanding towing scenarios. This model is not available on the Ranger Raptor. 


Slippery Mode 


Everybody who drives the Ranger the way it was intended to be driven has experienced slippery terrain. It could be icy or snowy roads, wet grass, or gravel. They know that having additional help in these situations is immensely valuable. That is why Ford engineered Slippery Mode, which optimises engine and transmission settings to mitigate wheel spin, enhancing traction and grip. It even uses a swifter traction control response for additional confidence and control. 


Mud/Ruts Mode 


Designed especially for off-road excursions, this mode strikes a delicate balance between maintaining vehicle momentum and allowing controlled wheel slip. It's a boon in muddy terrain, where clearing mud from tyre treads is imperative for uninterrupted progress. However, caution is warranted, as deploying this mode on hard-packed surfaces harms the vehicle's driveline. It's a standard feature on Sport, Wildtrak, and Raptor models.


Sand Mode 


The Sand Mode is an exciting combination of settings designed to be an ideal companion when exploring the desert. This off-road mode optimises power delivery, orchestrates seamless gear shifts, and fine-tunes stability control to uphold vehicle momentum while minimising braking distances. It's a standard offering on Sport, Wildtrak, and Raptor variants, but not available on Ranger XLT.


Ford Ranger Raptor-Only Modes


Due to specific technology, engine and suspension components were installed in the next-gen Ranger Raptor, so Ford decided to engineer three unique driving modes for this model. More extreme and designed for a very specific use, those driving modes are a valuable addition to the uniqueness of this vehicle. However, modes like Eco or Tow/Haul are unavailable on the next-gen Ford Ranger Raptor for several reasons. The Eco mode is pretty obsolete for vehicles with such power and capabilities, and the tow and haul capacity of the Raptor version is lower than that of the standard Ranger, so Raptor owners will not use their vehicles for that. 


Rock Crawl Mode


This mode is tailored for navigating rocky terrains with optimal traction and control. Upon selection, the system prompts the vehicle to shift into low range, enhancing its capabilities. Throttle response is heavily damped to ensure smooth driving over rugged surfaces. Additionally, this mode offers the option of activating the rear electronic differential lock for enhanced stability. However, mode shouldn’t be used on hard-packed surfaces to prevent damage to the vehicle's driveline.

Next Gen Ranger Raptor Rock Crawl Mode

Baja Mode


It is another Ranger Raptor exclusive engineered for top-notch off-road performance. This mode minimises stability and traction controls to give drivers maximum control over challenging terrain. The active-valve exhaust system switches to its loudest mode, adding to the exhilarating off-road experience. Furthermore, dampers are set to 'off-road,' while throttle and transmission responses are optimised for swift maneuvers.

Sport Mode


It is available exclusively in the Ranger Raptor and caters to enthusiasts seeking a dynamic driving experience. Geared towards sporty driving, it enhances performance handling and response. Accelerator pedal response is heightened, delivering an immediate burst of power, while the steering feel is imbued with a sportier touch. The powertrain system holds onto lower gears for longer durations, facilitating rapid acceleration and an overall thrilling driving experience. Basically, this mode turns next-gen Ranger Raptor into street racing machine capable of reaching 100 km/h in 6 seconds flat. 


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