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How to Eliminate Auto Stop/Start on Next Gen Ford Ranger, Everest or Ranger RaptorApr 08, 2024 | BY Kevin R.

How to Eliminate Auto Stop/Start on Next Gen Ford Ranger, Everest or Ranger Raptor


Are you growing increasingly frustrated with your engine shutting off at every stop sign or traffic light - only to delay your acceleration when you need it most? This occurs because the next-gen Ford Ranger, Ranger Raptor, and Everest are fitted from the factory with an auto stop/start feature. This feature was designed by Ford Australia to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by automatically shutting off the engine when your vehicle is stationary and restarting it as you release the brake pedal. However, this new technology can be a source of frustration for many drivers who find the system's interruptions more irritating than beneficial.

Understanding this concern - Ranger Mods introduces a game changing new solution: the TerraTrex Stop/Start Eliminator. This device has been designed for drivers who prefer a continuous and uninterrupted driving experience by keeping their engine running without the auto stop/start interruptions. Let's explore how this innovative easy-to-install product is a must have for those seeking to enhance their driving experience and address some frequently asked questions about its functionality and installation process.


Stop/Start Eliminator for ford next gen ranger/everest/raptor

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Why Choose the Stop/Start Eliminator for your Next-Gen Ranger / Ranger Raptor / Everest?


The Stop/Start Eliminator is designed for those who value an uninterrupted driving experience bypassing the auto start/stop feature's frequent interruptions. This innovative solution caters to drivers needs and provides multiple benefits.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Immediate Improvement: The device automatically disables the auto start/stop feature every time you start your car which allows for a smoother ride without the hassle of the engine shutting off at every stop.
  • Easy Installation: With a straightforward plug-and-play design - you can install the harness in under 15 minutes with no technical expertise required.
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed and engineered for Next Generation Ford Ranger / Ranger Raptor / Everest models - ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle.

In summary – the TerraTrex Stop/Start Eliminator from Ranger Mods provides a simple yet effective solution for drivers frustrated by the auto start/stop feature in their Next Gen Ford Ranger / Ranger Raptor / Everest. It disables an annoying feature and allows for a smoother and uninterrupted ride by preventing the engine from automatically cutting off at traffic lights or during brief stops in traffic. The eliminator module is easy to install which offers convenience and control - an essential modification for those who prefer an uninterrupted journey.


Frequently Asked Questions


What models does the stop/start eliminator work on?


The eliminator module has been specifically engineered to be compatible with all 2022+ Next Generation Ford Ranger / Everest / Ranger Raptor (also known as RA or P703 models)


Why would I need to disable the auto start/stop feature?


The auto stop/start feature on your 2022+ Ford Ranger or Everest can disrupt your driving experience especially in in traffic-heavy scenarios or frequent stops. This kit allows you to prevent your engine from shutting off every time you slow down and come to a stop which allows for a more enjoyable drive.


Can't I just use the factory switch to disable the feature?


The factory switch is only a temporary fix. The system resets with every ignition cycle - meaning you'll need to manually switch it off every time you start the vehicle. On the other hand, the Stop/Start Eliminator delivers a permanent and more convenient solution that removes the hassle of repeatedly manually disabling the feature thereby saving you time.


Is it difficult to install the Stop/Start Eliminator?


Not at all. The installation process is straightforward and does not require any special tools or extensive technical knowledge. The start/stop eliminator is designed to be 100% plug and play with no need for any cutting or crimping. Every kit includes comprehensive digital instructions with photos making it easy to follow.


Can the Stop / Start Eliminator Module be removed?


Absolutely. The stop / start eliminator module is completely removable which makes it perfect for those who might want to revert their vehicle back to its original functionality for resale or other reasons.


Will it void my Factory Warranty from Ford?


The TerraTrex Auto Stop / Start Eliminator Module does not make any permanent changes to your Ranger or Everest’s programming. It still maintains the full functionality of your vehicle with no negative side-effects and therefore it can’t void your factory warranty. Simply unplug the module to revert to the stock functionality. 


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About the Author


Kevin R.

Kevin graduated from RMIT University with a degree in mechatronics engineering and turned his passion for car modifications into a successful entrepreneurial journey. In 2017, he founded My Stang Mods to offer Mustang owners the best parts available from around the world. Following its success, now launching Ranger Mods to bring top 4x4 brands to owners of the Next-Generation Ford Ranger, Raptor, and Everest. His goal was to simplify the shopping process with user-friendly e-commerce websites - making it easy for customers to find products that perfectly fit their vehicles. Driven by a passion for innovation - he is also involved in designing and introducing new products to the market by leveraging his engineering expertise.

08April 2024